"At first glance, a painting by Dee J Perdue could be called American Folk Art.  It has the honesty, boldness, and reality of everyday life of what I would consider the American Folk Art genre.  However, when one takes a closer look, Dee J Perdue's work may not fit the Folk Art category.  I say this because the work is more refined than most American Folk Art.  The paintings are more closely aligned with the Impressionist artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The bold use of the brush along with color lends one to think of Impressionist Movement, which dealt with everyday people and their surroundings.  The paintings seem to reach out and touch you in a way that only a true artist can achieve.  Work like this is not something you come across very often.   It is full of emotion, character, and passion.  Dee J Perdue may be new to the Art scene, but is quickly making a name for herself.  This is truly an artist on the rise.  One would do well by adding a Dee J Perdue painting to one's collection."

Tommy A. Richards

Owner/Creative Director

1797 Creative

San Antonio, TX 



“This beautiful artist puts her heart and soul into every painting. She is a master of detail in capturing the true essence of each brush stroke.  I am honored to be a recipient of a painting named Soulful Majesty, a magnificent black stallion.”
Suzanne Hall
Wylie, Texas


"DeWanda's art is versatile with a brilliant finish to any subject she paints.  Her energy in her paintings brings a new freshness and polish that many artists covet."

Corie White

Prescott, AZ


"DeWanda is an artist who inspires those around her. She has a good understanding of colour and composition and brings atmosphere into her art work, giving the viewer much pleasure.

As my tutor and art mentor I appreciate her comments on my work. She encourages me to persist and push past barriers to improve my drawings  and paintings. Her feedback is specific and practical. Her teaching style is clear and simple. She takes time to listen and brings her students along with her. 

If you are given the opportunity to attend one of her workshops, then go for it!"

Kind regards,

Angus Johnson


New Zealand


 "DeWanda Perdue is a very talented artist. I first became acquainted with her work when I joined Emerging Artists, a group started last year by Corie White.

Mrs. Perdue started and manages her own site, Dee J Perdue Fine Art. To me, the artwork I have seen by her, fine would best describe the work she does. She stresses clean, crisp lines which give exceptional clarity. It was a kind of "love at first sight" the first time I saw her horse portrait. And her Arizona land (desert) scapes show bright, eye-dazzling color.

What also impressed me about DeWanda is her caring spirit, coupled with an eagerness to help other artists grow, and succeed in achieving their desired goals. I can say that because she has reached out to me several times, which includes a recent time when I messaged her about going thru a dry spell with my art. She offered very wise and encouraging counsel which I aim to follow.

I am happy to know this person, and I am confident that others who come to know her will feel the same. I stand by her 100 percent!"

Harrison Preston Jr Gravely

Anderson, SC 


"I like the versatility of Dee’s art. I particularly enjoy the stories that can be seen, or told, in much of her work. She’s done several paintings for us and our family and I highly recommend her work, her professionalism, and her attention to detail. Having a painting by Dee is a worthy investment and something you will enjoy for years to come."

Paula Barton

Sachse, Texas


"An amazing new artist to the world of art. God has blessed her immensely! Just really LOOK at her will get it!"

Terri Richards

Scottsdale, AZ


"Dee J. Perdue. You are a most loving artist of my time. You have so much love that you put into your painting and a lots of detail.  Everything that I have ordered from you and I gave, had so many complements on them and we are so please to show them. Thank you ever so much. Can't wait to see more paintings coming."

Mary Covey. 



"I had no idea how the photo of this painting would turn out because of a glare.  Imagine the surprise when we reviewed the shot back in our room. 

Having always felt a kinship with the sea, DeWanda appears to have been celebrating an unparalleled achievement in life’s journey, leaving her the freedom to conquer other life goals.  Her kinship with the sea and its endless waves could represent her ferocious tenacity in reaching those goals, her artwork among them!"

Sharon Harvey
Phoenix, AZ 


  “An artist has to understand life and people.  I believe Dewanda truly gets both, and therefore she can capture that within her paintings, giving more meaning to them. Her passion is brushed on the canvas.”   Luis Galindo  


"We have seven paintings by Dee J Perdue. My husband loves all of them, as do I, but he has a favorite. It is called “Oklahoma Memories.” He said it reminds him of where he grew up in N.E. Oklahoma, with trees, flowers, and lakes to fish in and swim in.

We feel so fortunate to have seven of her paintings and love all of them.
Anyone that has even one of her paintings should be so proud of it, and so happy to have it hanging in their home."

Shirley A Richards and Gordon Richards
Scottsdale, AZ


 "My dear friend Dee Perdue’s captivating, intricate, and dazzling talent gleams once again!!  The “Mount Vernon Vintage Trunk” awakening, revived from an amateur staged photo brings new life and appreciation to these wonderfully placed items greeting those who pass through the doorway where they sit loved, but often ignored. 
The fine details in the vintage trunk restore it and acknowledge the artists slow and fine strokes.  The intricate and delicate ivory details in the gloves and wedding hat bring a flood of sweet memories of when they were worn a life time ago and it feels as though, along with the vibrant pink bundle of flowers, could be picked right up off the canvas, taken back in time with beautiful memories.  The strength and sturdy umbrella stand and it’s handsome contents burst with golden invitation that can only be recreated with pure, genuine, honest talent.   This piece holds the charm that every person would long to feel as they are greeted at the threshold of warmth and love awaiting. "

Jacqueline Smith